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We are Commercial Asphalt and Concrete Paving Specialists.

Welcome to NextStep Asphalt Services

NextStep Asphalt Services is the providence of high-quality commercial asphalt paving, maintenance, resurfacing and concrete services in the region. We are a full-service paving business providing immaculate and precision-based asphalt solutions to a diverse range of clients. With dedicated and industry-driven experience in the asphalt services sector, NextStep takes pride in delivering excellent customer services and quality workmanship. Our preparation crew and skilled personnel have continually proven themselves as one of the best in the industry.

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    The NextStep in Asphalt Services.

    NextStep Asphalt services is a dedicated asphalt solution and paving company. With comprehensive experience in the commercial, retail, industrial, governmental, and residential sectors, we have been providing professional asphalt services for 7 years. Personalized solutions, better services, prompt quote facilitation, warranty, and close attention to details makes NextStep the number one choice in the region when it comes to professional asphalt and concrete services. Our team of proficient personnel and surface paving professionals are always there to assist our diverse range of clients.

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    Services Offered at NextStep

    Asphalt Paving

    We are considered the regional industry leader in professional asphalt paving services. As a dedicated paving solutions provider, we work with proximity with our clients from the design phase to the layout phase. Our asphalt paving solutions offer a dynamic range of advantages.


    Asphalt Repair and Maintenance

    Long-term water penetration and other natural factors can damage the asphalt surface to a great extent. Sun oxidation, ground shifting, and exposure to the weather can cause the surface to erode. NextStep delivers superior repair and maintenance services for asphalt surfaces all year round.


    Concrete Services

    At NextStep, we specialize in both the replacement of existing concrete surfaces as well as the construction of new concrete tops. We are committed to providing exceptional quality concrete services, and we use only the industrial-grade concrete on our jobs. All our concrete projects are reinforced to ensure sturdiness.


    Snow Removal and Sanding

    We have the expertise as well as dedicated resources to handle all your snow removal, snow clearing, and surface sanding needs. We offer a comprehensive range of snow removal services ranging from, snow plowing, snow hauling, sanding, ice-control solutions, sidewalk clearance, and supplementary maintenance services.


    Seal Coating and Striping

    Sealcoating and Striping combined are the essential elements to make a parking lot or asphalt surface look right. Sealcoating is a great way to help you save money on repair costs. NextStep provides specialized seal coating and striping services for all our commercial and retail clients.


    Asphalt Resurfacing

    Asphalt Resurfacing is our forte’. We deliver asphalt resurfacing services for roadways, parking lots, and driveways. Our resurfacing surfaces are all about precision and permanence. At, NextStep, we go the extra distance to deliver exceptional asphalt resurfacing services for all our commercial and residential clients.


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    Our Process

    As a regional industry leader in professional asphalt paving and maintenance services, we follow a detailed and industry-oriented process workflow for all our asphalt paving and curative services.



    The initial phase of the project is all about visiting the site. Our experienced team of paving and maintenance specialists visit the location and understand the project thoroughly.



    During the visiting process, our professionals execute a comprehensive review of the paving project to handled and note down all the contingencies that may play a factor in the project.



    The documentation process is inclusive of complete plans that need to be executed to achieve the desired result. Our professionals include all the necessary details during the documentation process.



    After the documentation and preliminary processes, we provide quotes for our clients. Quotes are market competitive and offer the best value for the best asphalt and paving services.



    We deliver exceptional services that are tailor-fit by the client’s requirements and requisites. We ensure complete professionalism and dedication in all our services and make the whole paving process seamless.

    Follow up


    With our team of professionals and our experienced paving crew, we’ve created a suitable follow-up maintenance program, that minimizes customer’s disturbance and increase the surfaces’ durability.


    See What Clients Say about NextStep Asphalt Services.

    NextStep paved two gorgeous driveways for us. Their overall communication, professionalism, and commitment to deliver are simply outstanding. Highly recommend their services if you are looking for a professional asphalt paving contractor in Alberta region.

    Neilson Family.

    Excellent Paving services and seal coating job! It was apparent from the start that we have hired a professional asphalt service contractor. They were devoted throughout the process and served us in the best possible manner. The result was an exclusive parking lot that was finished professionally.

    Ricarda, Olive

    Quick reply with the right estimate and quick service delivery time. One of the best asphalt service providers in the region. The whole experience was very positive.

    Randy W. Noah

    If you are a property manager, or commercial business, and want precision asphalt and concrete services for your property, then NextStep is the best option. They indeed are the next step in asphalt services.

    George, Honeywell