Concrete Services

 Concrete Demolition and Removal

At NextStep, we specialize in both the replacement of existing concrete surfaces as well as the construction of new concrete tops. We are committed to providing exceptional quality concrete services, and we use only the industrial-grade concrete on our jobs. All our concrete projects are reinforced to ensure sturdiness. Apart from being a trusted and reputed asphalt services provider in the Alberta region, NextStep is also one of the top concrete contractors for driveways, sidewalks, concrete structures, walkways, parking lots, residential concrete surfaces, and patios. We provide only the best concrete services with the best craftsmen in the region. We are concrete specialists, and as part of our dynamic portfolio of services, we offer concrete services for commercial as well as residential clients.

Concrete demolition

What is a Concrete Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a designed structure that holds and retains soil behind it on one side and stands free on the other side. Retaining walls have a variety of use and are used in both commercial and residential environments. They are used everywhere from landscaping projects to highway construction because they are a great way to keep soil steady in steep slopes and elevated grounds. The material that is most commonly used for building retaining walls includes treated timbers, rocks or boulders, concrete blocks, and poured concrete. When building a retaining wall consider the height of the wall. A retaining wall under four feet is designed and built by a contractor or as per drawings of a landscape architect. Otherwise, one that is over four feet must be designed by an engineer. Whether a retaining wall is structural and engineered or just ornamental, Nextstep team of operators is skilled and capable to bring to life our clients’ vision. With proper attention to base work and to structural support, we want to provide the client with a retaining wall that looks the way they imagine it and lasts a long time.

Retaining wall

Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs are structural flat elements used in the construction of floors, ceilings and roof decks. Depending on their purpose and need, they are custom designed for various weight loads.  Slabs are used in both commercial and residential construction. In a variety of domestic and industrial buildings, thick concrete slabs supported on the foundation level, are used to build the ground flooring. It is becoming more common to have a concrete slab in front of garbage bins as the weight of the garbage trucks causes substantial damage to asphalt.  Concrete slabs are very environmental friendly as they are made of limestone one of the most readily available minerals. Besides slabs can be easily customized as they can be textured, painted or stained, a feature that is great for constructing pool decks. Whether the slab needed is structural or engineered Nextstep ensures the completed work is impeccable and to the clients’ satisfaction.

Concrete slabs

Decorative Concrete

Concrete tools have advanced so much that it’s common to see concrete dyes, stains, patterns, and textures, making concrete to be the most versatile cost-effective and durable material in the construction industry. Stamped and colored concrete can add a classy and permanent feature to any property.  Concrete is no longer thought of as plain, drab or dull, concrete designs are now trendy beautiful work of art. Contractors have turned driveways, patios, kitchen countertops, and pool decks into stunning showcases. Our team at Nextstep is at the forefront of the new trend, is trained and skilled in the use of advanced decorative concrete tools. We are confident to meet the client and design expectations, be it the shape, color, or pattern to make sure the finished product is exactly what they dream it to be.

Decorated concrete

Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealing is vital especially after installing decorative concrete. It is a cost-effective way of protecting concrete surfaces against water deterioration, caused by the freeze/thaw cycle, dirt, oil, salts, and other elements.  Sealing concrete prolongs the life of the concrete itself while maintaining the magnificent look for a long time. Sealing an outdoor concrete surface is part of fundamental hardcore maintenance. This can include applying fresh sealer and a good cleaning which often revives the concrete surface to its original beauty. At Nextstep we take pride in ensuring that when we complete a concrete sealing project, it looks better than the client thought it would, we go above and beyond the clients’ expectations.

sealing concrete