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Water is the number-one issue when it comes to catch basin maintenance, repair and rebuilding services. Catch basins that function optimally ensure clogging issues with leaves, dirt, and other debris don’t become troublesome and that freeze/thaw cycles that can cause damage, are averted.

NEXTSTEP can help keep drains clear of debris and will perform any adjustments or other routine catch basin repair and maintenance services as required.
In order to function as designed, catch basins should be properly positioned in the right location, cleaned, maintained and serviced on a regular basis. Having a routine inspection plan is the only way to catch issues. One of the most common issues we see is improper positioning that occurs once pavement settles. At times, once the pavement settles around the catch basin the pavement may become uneven, whereas the catch basin ends up at a higher elevation than the finished asphalt surface, inevitably impeding it‘s ability to function properly and could become safety hazards. If there are alot of trees in the vicinity, this could cause issues with clogging with leaves of the catch basin, in addition to potential shifting and deterioration issues that happen over time, requiring catch basin replacement.

So, whats the solution? Concrete catch basin’s should be installed in lower altitude areas within a parking lot. The amount of catch basins required is determined by the size and slope of the lot. Concrete collars surrounding the catch basins have approximately five times the life span of asphalt, and reinforcement with fiber, wire, rebar, etc. assist in the securment required for a quality installation.

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