We Have a Diverse and Industry Driven Asphalt Paving and Maintenance Service Portfolio.

At NextStep, we recognize the different kinds of inconveniences that a bad concrete or asphalt surface may cause. That is why we have a comprehensive services portfolio to help all our clients achieve the best possible services. From full-depth repairs or asphalt overlays to pavement resurfacing, our trained personnel can solve all kinds of asphalt and pavement issues seamlessly. We take an incredible amount of pride in our work, our clients, and our employees.

With our regional pavement and maintenance solutions, you can expect the best services for all your paving, patching, sealing, coating, filling, striping, and concrete needs.

We wish to satisfy all our customers through our extraordinary services and innovative solutions. Our dedication and loyalty towards our job while always maintaining the highest level of our paving and asphalt services is our most important priority. Our diverse portfolio covers industrial, retail, contractual, commercial, and residential asphalt and paving projects. With decades of dedicated experience in the asphalt business along with professional engineers and craftsmen, we can cater to all our client’s diverse needs and deliver exceptional asphalt, concrete, and pavement services timely.